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To respect others is to respect yourself
A lack of respect for others, will never get respect from others. As a person of the opposite open mountains shout, you it is friendly, it is a friendly response. On the interaction between students, their attitude of others, often determines the people 's attitude to you. In the depths of my memory has one thing is deeply education to me, let me understand: only learn to respect others, will win the respect of others. What is this:
One day, after lunch, I finished my homework, I always love for free, on the seat in front of me doing homework money Siao. Turn my eyes, came up with a good idea. I take out a pen and paper in the paper, I first painted a very ugly turtle, is attached below the words: "I was an ugly Millennium bastard turtle! " I am behind paper glue double-sided adhesive, and then a hand holding a pencil, a hand holding the piece of paper money Siao pretended to beat back, targeting the paper into her back labels. Yeah, the piece of paper to avoid leaning to either side, was posted on Qian Siao's back! Money Siao turned to ask: "what, why? " I pretended to be calm and said: " your pencil sharpener I borrow it? " " Put the pen used, I help you cut was! " She dropped her work polished put pencil sharpeners. I quietly that call the classmate on the side to see Qian Si proud back, instant, class A.
Adjacent group Olina was head of the homework, I'll Pidianpidian walk past patted her on the shoulder and said: " look, money Siao back, that is my masterpiece! " I thought she would laugh, she did not expect to see, brow twist into a pimple, contempt, glanced at me, said: " Wu Yingtian, do you think your happiness is based on someone else's embarrassment is funny? " I pay no heed to say: " I cut, a joke, what's the big deal! " Huang Lina was yelling at me: " Wu Yingtian, respect is the gold key to peaceful coexistence of human, the reason you should know? Play with other people feel happy? You are too boring! "
My face burning. Yes, money Siao so kind, helpful, and sharpen my pencil, but I was in this lysine three means " return " of her, is really not good people. So, I tore the paper money Siao back, and make an apology to her: " I'm sorry, I shouldn't put money Siao, paper sticker on your back, embarrass you, please forgive! " Money Siao shook his head and said: " classmates joking, nothing. " Her kindness, her generosity makes me flush up to one's ears, let me ashamed.
Yes, life is always we need to learn to respect. Respect for others to start from the trivial. On his classmates do not make fun of, not fighting, not good, honest, is for students at least respected, is pure friendship; returned home and parents say hello is a kind of elder relatives respect, is to the family member hard raise precious comfort; paying attention in class is the teacher of hard labor respect; in the dining hall, chair, the table is for master canteen respect ... ...


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